The Portfolio of Jess Green

Jess Green ================ - []( - []( - [Github]( - [LinkedIn]( ## Skills PHP (frameworks: Laravel 5, Lumen, and CakePHP), HTML5, CSS3, Sass/Scss. JavaScript: React.js, jQuery, Node. Task runners: Grunt, Gulp. Version control experience, using Git and SVN. Design implementation using Photoshop and Illustrator. Working with and creating virtual environments using Vagrant and VirtualBox. Experience working with issue tracking systems JIRA, Trac, and Github’s issue system. Experience working in an Agile working environment, coordinating with QA, project managers, and designers. ## Experience ### Software Engineer __Luminfire__, Minneapolis MN, **_May 2018 - Present_** - WordPress plugin development - WordPress theme development using Genesis Framework - RESTful API development using Laravel ### Web Developer __Self-Employed__, Forest Lake MN **_August 2017 - Present_** - Responsible for maintaining Manga+Press, an open-source WordPress plugin. - Designed frontend interface and created an Express.js-based app for displaying a user's most-played artists. - Created a REST-based API for maintaining a user's music collection using Lumen and Reactjs ### Digital/Creative Developer __Periscope__, Minneapolis MN **_July 2013 - August 2017_** - Built a CMS and API using Laravel for managing rainfall data in select locations. - Used Django and Django Rest Framework to create a rewards API for an in-store mobile app. - Maintained workflow applications for versioning newspaper advertisements. - Used React.js to create a dynamic form generated using a JSON response from CakePHP. - Built a tool for importing CSV and Excel spreadsheet files into a MySQL database. - Utilized Grunt.js for automating compilation of Sass/Scss files and minification of resulting CSS files. - Utilized CakePHP framework in the creation of a PDF-generation system. - Built an email newsletter management plugin for WordPress. - Experience working with JIRA. - Experience working in an Agile working environment. ### Interactive Developer __The Nerdery__, Bloomington MN **_July 2010 - July 2013_** - Completed lead developer training. - Nerdery WordPress Committee member 2011-13. - Created new code standards specific to WordPress development. - Developed VCS-friendly method for working with WordPress in a development team environment. - Created two WordPress code challenges for WordPress themes and plugins. - Mentored developers in WordPress development standards. - Used Zend Framework to create a Facebook App to connect users according to their tech habits. - Used Zend Framework to implement a Forum, News and Comments system for a personal care/cosmetics website. - Experience working with Trac (issue tracking system) - Experience working in an Agile working environment. ## Projects ### [Manga+Press]( WordPress plugin, **_December 2008 - Current_** A tool for managing sequential comics using the WordPress admin. ## Education __The Art Institutes International Minnesota__, Minneapolis MN, **_June 2010_** - Bachelor of Science Degree in Web Design & Interactive Media